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6 Tips to Sell Your Home Fast

Selling your home can be a competitive process. In highly saturated areas it can be difficult to sell your home, but with these tips, you may be able to separate yourself from the pack!

  1. Keep Yard Clean.

    One of the first things a person sees when pulling up to your home is the yard. You want to go for a crisp and clean look making sure the lawn is mowed, there are no leaves or branches hanging out in the yard, and all shrubbery is well maintained.

  2. Add Flower Boxes.

    Adding flower boxes to window sills or around the house is a great cheap and easy way to add to the aesthetic value of your home. Use a variety of old and new containers to keep costs low and provide a contemporary look.

    Another idea is to add a Farmer’s Market Style small garden. A small garden box of herbs and flowers will greet your guest with a warm and welcoming aroma.

  3. Replace Exterior Lighting.

    Replacing the exterior lights of your home serves two purposes. First, it is an opportunity to modernize old light fixtures and bulbs. Second, by adding new bulbs, you can illuminate the entryway to make it look and give that safe feeling.

  4. Power Wash / Paint Your Home.

    A good power wash is cheap and very effective at giving that freshly cleaned look around troublesome areas like your driveway and gutters. If you do not own a power washer, you can rent one from your local hardware store.

    Further, refreshing your siding, trim and gutters with a fresh coat of paint will give a great first impression. As an extra tip, consider framing your door. Painting the trim and placing some crown moulding can give the entryway a brand new look.

  5. Outdoor Furniture.

    You don’t have to break the bank to furnish the outside of your home. Often times, a day of scoping out garage sales and estate sales might find the perfect outdoor furniture for your home. Don’t be discouraged if the piece is old or chipped. A layer of new paint and a crafty eye will allow you to distress the piece and give it the look you are going for.

  6. New Mailbox.

    A new mailbox is a cheap and easy upgrade. A new mailbox should have the address of the home clearly listed to help the new buyer’s find their new home.


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