Yes! Everyone is free to appeal their own Cook County property taxes, just be sure to follow the Cook County Assessor Rules and Regulations. Many find the process timely and often times confusing. Our skilled Cook County property tax appeal lawyers thoroughly examine all comparable properties and other avenues to try and assist home owners receive maximum savings.

While anyone can file their own appeal we believe you want someone who can aggressively represent you, thoroughly advance legal theories in your favor, and rigorously fight your property tax to achieve results.

The Cook County’s Assessor’s Office values more than 1.3 million residential homes in Cook County. Cook County is divided into three assessment districts (City, North and South). Each of the assessment districts is valued once every three years.

The Cook County Assessor’s Office uses a computer-assisted mass appraisal method to value residential properties. This computerized sales comparison model considers several different value components including, but not limited to,  sales of comparable properties, land, location, building square footage, and construction type. These are some of the very same factors that would be considered by an appraiser seeking to value an individual property.

Dealing with a commercial entity or lawyer you have not met is concerning and we feel the skepticism should be present. Niko-Law LLC is here to serve you. While we may not have met face to face, we feel we must work even harder to serve you and gain your trust. We would love to meet you in person and are more than happy to take your phone call to discuss your real estate closing, property tax, or personal injury matters.

Ultimately, we want to give you results. We hope to build your belief in us through our hard work.

We will provide you with all of the documentation you need! We want to make this as easy as possible for you.

A mortgage plays no bearing on reducing your property tax. You can freely appeal your Cook County Property Taxes.

If your home was an REO purchase, foreclosure, or short sale you can still appeal!! Just let our skilled property tax attorneys know and we will work to get you a reduction.

Residential Real Estate:
Cook County Property Tax Appeal: Niko-Law LLC only charges 50% of first year savings.

Cook County Property Tax Appeal: If we obtain a successful appeal, we will let you know immediately. From there, we will send you an invoice by e-mail and regular mail.

The appeal process typically takes several months before a final decision is made and can be delayed if your appeal is taken from the Cook County Assessor to the Board of Review and beyond.

If your appeal is successful, any reduction made on your assessment will be reflected on your second installment tax bill, along with any exemptions for which you have applied and qualified.

No. You will receive a reduced tax liability for your future tax bill.

No. We are not in the business of taking our clients’ money. We are here to save you money, not take it from you.

We are constantly reviewing the townships to insure our clients do not miss a deadline. Feel free to view our covered townships where we let our clients know when a township has opened and the last day to file an appeal.

Your house is typically valued as follows:

$100,000 Estimated Market Value
X.10 Assessment Level (10%)
$10,000 Proposed Assessed Valuation
X2.8056 2011 State Equalizer
$28,056 Equalized Assessed Value
7,000 Homeowner Exemption
$21,056 Adjusted Equalized Value
X.10 Sample Tax Rate (your tax rate could vary)
$2,105.60 Estimated Tax Bill in Dollars

However, when one’s Cook County property taxes are reassessed there are a variety of factors that create an increased tax liability. Looking at the example above, typically, one’s tax liability can be increased by way of (1) the assessed home value, (2) the proposed yearly State Equalizer, or (3) the Tax Rate for the year.

In any case, we are here to keep your taxes low and attempt to get them even lower.