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5 Tips For Your New Home Buying a new home is an exciting time. It is now time to move in, customize your home, and get down to home ownership! Here are some tips to help you with new home ownership:   1. Set a Reminder for January 1 Next Year If you bought your […]

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Taking out a mortgage is often times the first major financial purchase of one’s life. Finding a mortgage involves many decisions including: (1) which lender to choose; (2) what type of loan you would like to utilize; (3) how much money you would like to take out; and (4) the term of the loan. Below […]

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The purchase of a home is one of the biggest decisions a person will make in their lives. When you find “the one” it can be a confusing process. Here is a simple road map to help you through the process. Mortgage Pre-approval If you are not going to pay cash for your home, you […]

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Best Way To Sell A House By Owner Congratulations, you have decided to place your home For Sale By Owner. This is a big step in what I hope leads to you quickly selling your home. Here are some tips to help you along the way: Research I highly recommend starting your process off by […]

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Property taxes have been slowly increasing to record highs causing homeowners to pay more and more per year on their homes. However, many homeowners are unaware they may appeal their property taxes and save considerable amounts on their taxes per year. Below I have laid out the ground work to begin your appeal to the […]

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Estimate Closing Costs Buying a home is often times the biggest purchase and investment an individual will make in their lifetime. However, finding the perfect home is just the first step in the process. Following an accepted offer of a home, you will be tasked with choosing a mortgage lender, selecting an attorney (if you […]

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Find The Best Real Estate Agent For Your Family One of the most frequent questions I am asked from friends and family is “Do you know a ‘good’ real estate agent?” It is a question everyone will have who is in the market to buy or sell their house and will shape their experience in […]