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5 Tips To Make Home Buying A Smooth Process

5 Tips To Make Home Buying A Smooth Process

  1. Do Some Research.

    Determine what your budget is and do some internet searching to see areas you like and what homes fit your budget.

  2. Pick The Right Real Estate Broker.

    Do not just go with the broker your parents used. Do research. Look for good reviews and a good presence in the industry and area you are looking at. Your broker can give you insight on what a neighborhood is like, what schools are nearby and what spots only the locals know.

  3. Get Pre Approved.

    I cannot stress this one enough. A pre-approval will tell you how much the bank is willing to give you and where your budget is. This is absolutely crucial to home buying. Have this done before you call a broker, they will love you for it.

  4. Once You Are Under Contract, Work With Your Lender.

    Your lender drives the train for a lot of your real estate transaction. Sure, your lawyer is there with you side by side; however, if you want to meet your contract close date, you have to get your lender everything they need.

  5.  Bring All Essential Documents to Closing.

On the date of Closing you should bring:

      1.  Two valid forms of ID;
      2. Your “Cash to Close”;
      3. Your personal check book; and
      4. If you have paid your homeowner’s insurance premium outside of closing, bring the paid receipt.


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